(Formerly: Maury Lander-Portnoy)

PhD student at the University of Southern California

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What Do I Do?


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I program both professionally for my research as well as for numerous personal projects.

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Speech Science

I study the articulatory and acoustic properties of speech production.

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Auditory Neuroscience

I study speech perception in adverse listening conditions (like those in our noisy everyday lives).

My Life on Paper

Résumés and CVs

Records of my professional abilities and previous work are available in several formats depending on your specific interest. There is a lot of overlap between the documents but feel free to peruse as many as you'd like or choose the most relevant.

Recent and Upcoming Happenings

Essentially a preview reel and news digest, you can check here for things to come in my CVs and personal sections.

Maury recently:

  • Changed his last name from Lander-Portnoy to Courtland, a portmanteau of his former last names and his wife's former last name
  • Presented at the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association Convention and the 174th Meeting of the Acoustical Society of America

Maury will soon:

  • Undergo the Linguistics department's qualification process (the last step before the dissertation defense)
  • Submit a journal publication based on the work he recently presented at several conferences

Hobbies and Interests

What to do with all that free time...

  • Cooking (and Eating)

    I learned how to cook from my mother and have been cooking for those I love ever since. Sometimes this is an attempt at fine dining and aspirations to create edible art, other times, it's just good old fashioned comfort food. Regardless of what's on the plate, it's always better shared with those you love. When I have time to cook, my current culinary creations can be found on display on my instagram page (see link below).

    My grandparents were integral in my coming of age in the kitchen. My maternal grandparents instilled in my mother her love of cooking and thus began the chain of treating cooking as a medium of expression and not just a nutrition source. My paternal grandparents served as willing guinea pigs in my early experimental excursions into taste: they were and are very supportive (tolerant) of me.
  • Adventuring!

    Ever since I was a kid, I have had the good fortune to be able to travel to some truly unforgettable places. So far on the list are: London ('99), London → Paris → Dublin ('01), Rome ('03), Madrid ('07), Costa Rica ('09), Hangzhou → Beijing → Xi'An → Shenzhen & Hong Kong → Shanghai ('12), Israel ('13), Athens → Thessaloniki ('13), and Amsterdam → Nijmegen ('16).

    Additionally, I volunteered on organic farms in Ireland and Spain in the fall of 2013 after graduating college. This allowed me not only a window into the local culture and people, but also a feasible way to bum my way through those countries for 3 months. During my time in Europe, I visited Dublin, Galway, Cork, Málaga, Córdoba, and Granada. It was a truly transformative and once in a lifetime journey.
  • Music

    This is another lifelong passion I inherited from my mother. Like cooking, it's better to share music with those you love, but unlike cooking, I am liable to burst spontaneously into song at any moment. During my time in college, I harnessed my musical energy enough to be a productive member of Haverford College's oldest a cappella group, eventually becoming its president in my senior year.

    Starting in high school, I have written and recorded many original songs with myself on vocals and acoustic guitar. While I have stopped performing regularly since college ended, if you are interested in inquiring about this, feel free to contact me using the contact info found below.

Current Professional Status

I am currently a 4th year PhD student in Los Angeles. I am looking for summer opportunities for May-August 2018, particularly those in Research Triangle, NC. In the Spring of 2019, I plan to relocate to the Research Triangle to be with my wife (currently at Duke).

Contact Details

To contact me about employment opportunities, inquire about future work availability, or ask general technology or personal questions, feel free to contact me at:

For speaking engagements, collaboration requests, publication correspondence, and academic or research inquiries, please contact me at: